Beard Growth on Autopilot

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Your Beard's Best Friends.

The Cleanser

Crafted specifically to clean your roller, so you're giving your beard the healthiest growth possible.

The Roller

Maximizes serum absorption 
and stimulates the sleeping follicles, boost your skins quality through production of collogen & keratin

The Activating Serum

Using 100% natural, active ingredients like Biotin & Capilla Longa, It works to rejuvenate & activate stagnant & dormant hair 

How It Works

The Beard Roller creates microscopic channels in your skin to wake sleepy follicles & maximize the absorption of the Activator.

The Activator uses natural ingredients like biotin to stimulates the new hair growth.

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Why Kings Grooming Co. ?

100 % Risk Free for 150 Days

We have great confidence in our products. Enough confidence to offer you a Growth Guarantee. Yep, if you don’t get any results you get your money back.

Use The Beard Growth Kit for 150 days. If you don't see any results after this we'll issue a full Money Back Guarantee

Trusted Clinical Study

In a 150 days clinical study, our products have
proven impressive results for beard growth:

— 94% of men activated new facial hairs

— Improved beard density (average 55%)

— Improved hair thickness (average 10%)

Hear what the kings have to say.

The Kings Kit is awesome! I was able to fill in the patches and achieve my goal of a better beard!

Miguel, USA

I'm a fan of this product, I was always told that I will never grow facial hair. And I didn't... But look at me now. Use it every day and do not skip to get the best results.

Matthew, Canada

I've been using the kit for 90 days and can officially say that I've seen exponential growth in my beard.

Jack, USA