Beard Growth on Autopilot

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The Kings Kit


Your Beard Growth Kit

The Beard Roller

Maximizes serum absorption and stimulates the sleeping follicles

Beard Activator

Biotin Based, The activator works to rapidly increase healthy, full beard growth

The Cleanser

Crafted specifically to clean your roller, so you're giving your beard the healthiest growth possible.

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How It Works

The Beard Roller creates microscopic channels in your skin to wake sleepy follicles & maximize the absorption of the Activator.

The Activator uses natural ingredients like biotin to stimulates the new hair growth.

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Hear what the kings have to say.

The Kings Kit is awesome! Really Fast Shipping & I saw results within 6 weeks. "

Miguel, USA

I'm a fan of this product, I was always told that I will never grow facial hair. And I didn't... But look at me now. Use it every day and do not skip to get the best results.

Matthew, Canada

This product absolutely works! I've been using it for both my beard and a scar on my eyebrow where no hairs were able to grow, but now they are slowly growing again! Honestly, thanks for existing,

Leon, Spain

This actually worked! I was not sure if this was going to help me or not but I took a chance and I am so happy I did. I am absolutely satisfied with this!

Marco, Mexico