The Beard Roller

The Beard Roller

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The Beard Roller consists of a metal molded, crafty handle made with rubber-resist technology and a head of 540 titanium needles (0.5 mm).

The Beard Roller penetrates the top layer of the skin and creates thousands of microscopic channels, activating new follicles and tissue, and utilizing the body's natural healing process.

- Maximizes absorption of The Activator Serum
- Activates sleeping follicles
- Increases blood circulation



How to Use: 

— Use The Beard Roller twice a week

— Clean The Beard Roller with The Beard Roller Cleanser before use

— Roll with a light pressure 10 times back and forth - horizontally, vertically and diagonally

— Wash The Beard Roller with water after use


Note: There is no need to use The Beard Roller more than twice a week. The skin needs time between use to regenerate. Don't use The Beard Roller on the irritated or infected skin. It should never be painful to use.

The beard roller is personal and should never be shared. The lifetime of The beard Roller is not infinite (around 6 months). When the needles are no longer sharp enough to penetrate the skin easily, it's time for a replacement.

We want you to start growing your beard as soon as possible! 

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Happy beard, happy man.

Kings has helped me grow the beard i've always wanted in under 2 months, i've never loved looking in the mirror more than now"

- Scott M. Verified Customer

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The Activator

Contains 100% natural, active ingredients, Biotin, Arginine, and the wonder child, Capilia Longa.

The Activator activates sleepy hair follicles and will improve your beard growth together with The Beard Roller. It does so by creating the best micro-environment to reactivate hair growth.

The Roller

The painless 540 titanium micro-needles create microscopic channels and activate the body's natural healing process.

The Beard Roller increases blood circulation, stimulates sleeping follicles, and maximizes serum absorption.